I’ve been thinking about the process of building an audience for Pamo’s World. With Jeff by my side and friends from both the internet and locally here in Knoxville, I feel supported in my creative quest.

The idea for this cartoon came to me last week as I thought about building a fan base. The words morphed into a visual image and we (Jeff and I) have been laughing ever since.

Thank you, my small but supportive fan base, for your emails and comments. I’ve treasured them all.

Until next toon!


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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18 Responses to FAN BASE

  1. Christina in Cleveland says:

    Good morning!!!! I’m a HUGE fan! …. a ceiling fan!


  2. celine says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I just love your cartoons, they make me smile.


  3. CaptElaine says:

    I’m a FAN… about as base as they come. I admire your story telling ability as well as your insightful cartoons. I can’t believe the newspapers haven’t discovered PAMO yet.


  4. Kara says:

    Ahha! I’ve found you! You can count me as one of your fans!


  5. PAMO says:

    Christina- Ceiling fan!!! Love that!!!

    Celine- Thank you so much.

    Elaine- You are a wonderful fan! I’m a big fan of yours too. Thank you!

    Kara- Yay! I’m glad you’re here. Love your blog layout. It’s fabulous!


  6. hwfarber says:

    You and Jeff aren’t the only ones laughing. This absolutely hits my funny bone–may be your best. Or it could be my kind of put-myself-down-before-someone-else-does humor. Whatever–I love it. Wonderfull drawing.


  7. Clipped Wings says:

    Funny!!! Love it. The boys are very creative.


  8. Sue Pownall says:


    You will soon have all your fans back, your cartoons are fabulous.


  9. Jane Moller says:

    This is fun and cute, love it….I’m a fan too!!


  10. delph says:

    Hello! I’m so glad I’ve found you again – I thought you had disapeared from the internet! As english is not my first language, it took me some time to understand your cartoon – but I finally got it (I won’t forget that word anytime soon, now, thanks to you :)!) Funny, and you can certainly count me as a fan!


  11. raena says:

    Oh my gosh…I’ve been gone so long. You have done GREAT things whilst I’ve been gone!


  12. linda roth says:

    Add one more fan to the lot. Clever girl. Clever comic artist. Lots of smiles to see you back and looking so good. From what I can tell I might have to design a new profile pic just to come visit. I’m much too dull for this crowd.


  13. Tiffiny says:

    Pam, good to see your cartoons and humor again. I’ve missed them and you. Love the “Fan” base concept. To funny. 😉


  14. PAMO says:

    Thanks again y’all for the lovely comments! I’ve missed you guys too and I’m glad to be back. It’s been a nice welcoming!


  15. Timaree says:

    Great cartoon. I’m one of those fans!

    I got back from my trip out to California to find your zine waiting for me! My husband wondered what a zine was which fit so well with your theme. I am sending my daughter the postcard of the candy-filed suitcase. The only thing she could connect better with is the bed with all the animals (she has three birds, three rabbits, four cats and two dogs)!


  16. Hey, PAMO! You are a bright light in the too-serious art world…Please keep the cartoons coming! I have missed PAMO’s adventures! The Zine is amazing and I keep it out…like a “coffee table book”! Thanks again for sending it to me….LOVE IT.


  17. Mary Paquet says:

    I am definitely a FANNN! What kind? Probably a small, but powerful electric fan that will blow good vibes to PAMO. Love this one — my chuckle for the week.


  18. You know I’m a FAN! As this is Fantastic!!! Keep it up PAMO!!



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