I suppose it’s bound to happen. Live long enough and you do one or two (or a hundred) things ‘Old Skool’. Jeff and I do navigation… old school. (If you use a ‘k’ instead of the ‘ch’ it makes the word cool. I don’t make the rules.)

One of our favorite things to do is take a day ride on the scooters. We pick another town on the map and set out on the most scenic route we can find. We like to dine at a local eatery, take lots of photographs and discover new places.

Three years ago we began documenting these rides on our website. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people tell us they enjoy our stories and try out the rides. We’ve even hung an over-sized map up in the window of our store. We’re Old Skool.

Until next toon!

About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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  1. Jean Spitzer says:

    Cool, indeed. Those little roads can be such fun.

    Terrific new-skool cartoon of old-skool practice.


  2. Sue Pownall says:

    How fabulous! I’m old school with navigation, although thought the GPS amazing when off-road in the mountains 🙂


  3. We use the GPS.. with the woman that scolds us, and has a fit when we go off the road 🙂 When we go we also always carry back up paper maps… WWM we use (Wife with map) had a GPS stolen in motel parking… learned 2 lessons, don’t leave GPS in car and bring paper maps in case. LOVE your cartoon… Do you draw the maps? I bet they are treasures too.


  4. Hw(hallie)farber says:

    I love your riding goggles in the cartoon–great drawing and perspective (motorcycles are impressive). I like my GPS but I always have a backup paper map–I need a large view of where I’m headed.

    I just took some Bike Rides on your website. What a great idea; the photos are wonderful and I now know where to eat when I visit, and where to get my tattoo–Athens, I believe.


  5. Robin says:

    I guess I am a combination of old school/new school. I have a GPS in my car but always print out a map so I have it on paper… part of me does not trust technology 100%. It’s great to see a new toon, Pam. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a toon next to each map?!!


  6. celine says:

    haha, that’s funny: I don’t have a GPS, so I’m also very old skool and I have a SWM (sister with map, haha) but we arrive every time were we suppose to be, so…..
    Love the drawing, funny as always!


  7. PAMO says:

    Thanks All! One of these days I might have a GPS. I’m sure it’s great with travel.

    But of course, like many of you, I love the feel of a map.
    And I suppose I rely heavily on Jeff to find the routes… so I have it made.

    You guys are fantastic! Thanks again!


  8. linda roth says:

    Love your new blog design. Seen it before didn’t mention it; it’s mentioned now.

    Makes me laugh out loud. Great cartoon Pam. HWM is why in this family it’s WWM.


  9. Love the cartoon, PAMO…! The trips on your website are so much fun to look at…I feel like I was there! lol! Looks like you just have way too much fun!


  10. Dan Kent says:

    Sorry for the delay in commenting – I only just got to see this today! So much has been happening here, and I fell into a bit of a funk. I’m out now (I hope). Anyway, I love this! Very funny! Every time I go to the bank to make a deposit I am reminded how old I am – they now give me a speech – “Are you familiar with the technologies available..” to encourage ATM deposits. Groan.

    PS – I have discovered a GPS on my phone – and I use it! I’m new school – yeah.


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