I use to be a tip-a-holic. I’d read any list or article that had the word ‘tip’ in it. But then came the internet and I overdosed. I’ve become more choosey about the tips I read. It is with this disclaimer that I can assure you the following four tips have been thoroughly researched and authenticated by me, Pamo. I’ve illustrated each with it’s own comic strip.

TIP #1:  Rally your support team.


TIP #2:  Work hard.


TIP #3:  Seek feedback from a trusted critic.


TIP #4:  Develop a healthy ego.


My work here is done. Now get out there and create some art people. Your audience awaits!

Before I end, I must tell you that Jeff (my support team and trusted critic) has reviewed my website and informed me I need to include more personal information. Keep in mind that this is the man who said my other blog was too personal. However, I defer to his opinion on the matter. So in order that you may know me better… my shoe size is 8.5 medium width. Sometimes I wear a 9, depending on the style.

Hahahahaha! I slay myself.

Until next toon!


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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  1. Jean Spitzer says:

    You slay me, too. Glad you found time between and/ or during tv marathons for cartooning.


  2. Leona Harden says:

    I have loved seeing you EVOLVE , bringing your Talent to Amuse and Delight, as well as seeing your artistry~~Love, Leona


  3. Dan Kent says:

    Four in one post?! Excellent! These are great comics – they are so funny!! All of them! 🙂

    The last one makes me feel sorry for the poor deluded Pamo. But to me it’s the stuffed shirt that’s wrong – these are great and they are funny and I’d read them in any paper that stays in business!!

    I was thinking about making my own comic the other day – I got all enthused and wrote down dialogue for strip after strip. The next day I looked at them & they were mighty stupid. What you are doing is hard. And you are doing it very very well. And any strip that ever comes out of me (don’t hold your breath, mind you), will be because of the seed you planted.

    Go Pamo!!


  4. I am very happy to learn your shoe size. Your cartoons are all so good..and I am glad Jeff is still offering up so much material. Well drawn…and I am especially impressed by the “timing” of each one. I LOVE your humor!


  5. Oh PAMO! You’re so cool! Posting tips for artists on your blog is definitely in. I was thinking about that all day and I couldn’t think past “Keep your pencil sharpened…or not..” I did see such advice given in an article about improving one’s blog!

    But, more to the point, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and see your artist tips! I agree with Dan, developing a cartoon strip is difficult, challenging, and not only that, it’s hard!



  6. Jane A says:

    WONDERFUL tips, fabulous cartoons – I am still smiling from each of them. Super talented woman that you are, it makes all the difference now that we know your shoe size too 🙂
    It was really good to see a new post from you, and such a generous one (as Dan says, FOUR cartoons all at once! Yay!)


  7. Thanks for the tips Pamo… great advise and very funny cartoons too… how dare that Dr. not appreciate your work? Who cares what he thinks? Not me, and I’m now feeling a real connection… I too wear 8 1/2 sometimes 9 shoes… like sisters we are :-).


  8. PAMO says:

    Thanks Jean! Haha! I love those TV marathons.

    Leona- Thank you so much! You’re a great friend.

    Dan- Thanks DZAN! Now then, I happen to know first hand that you are a very talented comic artist. I look forward to seeing your next installment. The challenge has been made!

    Celeste- Hahaha! Yes- my shoe size is pertinent information. Thanks!

    Peggy- YOUR blog is ultra cool! The thing about tips is they constantly change, don’t they?! Thanks for your great comment!

    Jane- So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words and the acknowledgment that my shoe size matters. Hahahaha!

    Elaine- Definitely- we are exactly like sisters! Thanks for your wonderful words. You always make me feel great!
    Have a great week everyone!!!


  9. PAMO says:

    Oops- I just used the word ‘great’ multiple times. Ah well. I’ll come up with some new words soon.


  10. I’m late to commenting. First I had to look back through your previous cartoons. You have definitely been working, working, working and thinking, thinking, thinking. It shows in the very first square–where you and Jeff are sitting SO comfortably in those purple chairs. And I love that the newspaperman in No. 4 looks like Ed Asner!!

    One day I might use these tips. Really great work.


  11. PAMO says:

    You aren’t late at all Hallie. I always value your words no matter when you make them. Ed Asner was who I had in mind! I always loved Lou Grant.
    Thanks Hallie- so much.


  12. Robin says:

    So Pamo is like a Mary Tyler Moore type?!! I think you have the best attitude which is why your comic/cartoon is so amusing to me. You really should be in the Sunday section of your local paper where your artist tips would be fun for everyone.


  13. -Don says:

    PAMO, I love your work! Thank you for the smiles… and the wonderful tips. My world is better for both.



  14. Sue Pownall says:

    Brilliant tips, fabulously illustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. PAMO says:

    Robin- You know, a Mary Tyler Moore type is probably correct! Thanks Robin for your very supportive comment- I appreciate it.

    Don- My world is better because I get to know you through your work and your sharing. Thank you!

    Sue- Yeah! Thanks so much. Your parents look like wonderful people by the way. I’m glad you got to spend time with them.


  16. linda roth says:

    Pam you are just so funny. You hit the married creative life right on the head. It is a joy to read you with my morning coffee. So what did you think of the Hawaiian Five O Marathon? A thrilling sedative if ever I watched one.


  17. Pamo, I have a question..I was just studying Pamo in the strips and realizing that she doesn’t have full bangs, like you do. Curious…did you create her when you didn’t have bangs? Well, in any case, Pamo is very cute…like the real Pamo.


  18. p.s. and one of your cats is wearing a hat..does that cat have a hat in real life? hhahhaa just kidding.


  19. PAMO says:

    Linda- Thank you! I love your description “thrilling sedative”. PERFECT! This weekend is the ‘Murder She Wrote’ marathon… also a thrilling sedative. I love to sleep while watching Jessica solve murders. Thanks for your comment.

    Celeste- I had to think about it and when I created Pamo, I did have bangs. Hm. However, much of my life has been bangless – perhaps my inner Pamo is without them. (My favorite way to wear my hear is one length and long enough for a pony tail. It’s just not so flattering on my 50 year old self.)
    Jeff does put cat hats on our fur kids. While we enjoy it, they don’t appear to appreciate it! Hahahaha.
    Your comment does come at a fortuitous time… my next post will involve you and the post after that will be a call for self portraits. Stay tuned!!!


  20. Oh my…my interest is piqued! a PAMO blogpost that involves Celeste. hmmmmmm


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