Celeste Bergin is an artist who firmly believes that art is for everyone. That is no small thing given the quality canvases she paints. Celeste easily moves within that group of elite artists who have racked up numerous accolades and artistic achievements. Yet, she doesn’t live there. She’s a real person who believes in the power of creativity. Furthermore, she believes that power resides in you and me.

Celeste- this one is for you. You inspire me. Thank you!

One of the things Celeste often does in her blog is post pictures of her art adventures, her art friends, her fabulous vintage car and her beautiful kitties among other things. She handles the mix of professional and personal so well! I’m going to need more practice, but that’s OK because I’m only thirty-five.

This is a photo of me and my bike out on the road today. It’s a 2010 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Sportster. And I’m wearing one of my very own PamoArt tank tops.

Stay tooned! Uh- I mean, tuned.


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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17 Responses to FOR CELESTE

  1. This is great–I love the red umbrella (like Celeste’s paintings).

    Classy fashion photo of you with the Sportster. I can imagine Jeff up in the tree ready with a bucket.


  2. Oh yeah Celeste is one of my favorite artists too… and my middle name is Celeste (it’s a family name, my daughter’s middle name is Celeste and she named her fist daughter with the same middle name… but back to art)… I MUST have one of those t-shirts… I don’t have a cool Harley but I have a cool scooter… I know I have a drawing of me on my scooter somewhere… can I enter that? Love the cartoon… cats are so critical… dogs are more accepting I think πŸ™‚


  3. Robin says:

    It’s always a bonus when we share bits and pieces of our “personal” lives in a blog. You look very cool leaning casually next to your motorcycle, I can admire from the distance (because I have never been on a bike). I always love your take on humor, short vignettes resonate best with me… I wonder if cats are less forgiving than dogs!?


  4. PAMO says:

    Yes Hallie… Jeff waters me at every opportunity. Perhaps he is partly to blame for my recent focus on such! I too love Celeste’s red umbrella’s!

    Elaine- Celeste is a beautiful name. And I would be so honored to have your drawing in our next zine! Thank you!!! And I’m honored to send you one of my t-shirts. I’ll email you this evening for particulars. I’ll have more info on the challenge in a few days. I agree that dogs are unconditional in their acceptance- it’s very humbling.


  5. celine says:

    Love the cartoon, Celeste must feel honourd! Now I’m going to check out her blog. And that t-shirt is just great and I love the idea that your working on a zine again!


  6. Jean Spitzer says:

    This sounds promising.

    Great cartoon–and photo, shirt, motorcycle.


  7. linda roth says:

    You are absolutely right on. Celeste is an artist of the best kind. How honored she must feel at your dedication of this strip to her. Here! Here!

    Yegads! Thirty five.? What a wonderful year that was. I showed your stripe to my old man and he wanted to know why you weren’t featured in some rag somewhere? At thirty five, you do have time. And the time is now. Pamo you are unique. Push it. I’d love one of your tee shirts, but would you love one of my humble pieces?


  8. PAMO says:

    Robin- You’d probably love riding on a motorcycle! A small sports car convertible is similar though and just as much fun… so remember that next time you’re in one.
    Cats do have longer memories but in my experience they are pretty forgiving. They just make you beg. Hahaha! Thanks for the nice comment.

    Celine- Welcome back! Your vacation photos are GLORIOUS!!! Hope you’ll consider sending my an image for the zine. I’ll have more details in a few days. Pipi would be perfect!

    Jean- I hope you’ll consider submitting. IPad drawings would be wonderful. More details soon. Thank you!


  9. PAMO says:

    Linda- I was just looking at your glorious paintings when I got you comment e-mail. Thank you for your wonderful comment. The thirty-five thing was a throwback comment to my milestone strip about turning fifty. Truth is I’m 50. Sounds heavy! Hahahahahahaha!
    Anyway- I would be SO SO honored if you submit an image. Wow! I’ll have more details in a few days. Thank you!


  10. Dan Kent says:

    I’m in! I know I bowed out last time (and your last zine was magnificent – it would have been worse had I said yes), but I would kill for a PAMO t-shirt! (Self-interest every time). I am glad you are thirty-five. That means I’m thirty-six – yeah!!

    Cool picture with the bike. Hmmm. That pose of yours .. I am starting a series you might fit well into – we shall see.

    Anyway, Celeste has now received the highest honor for her work, and it is, as you know, well deserved. And Peepers is a very fine cat. And your comics just keep getting better and better and better – I can see all of the hard work you have put into your comic studies. So. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..GO PAMO!!!!


  11. PAMO says:

    Dan- Anything you commit your artistic touch too is better for it. I mean that. I will be honored to have your submission and even more pleased to send you a PamoArt t-shirt. More details soon- but I’m glad I can count you in!!!
    We have both been Celeste fans for a very long time!
    Feel free to use the pose! As Peggy says- coolness squared!
    Thanks Dan.


  12. Sue Pownall says:

    ha ha ha

    Great top too


  13. OMG…Too cool, PAMO! Gadzooks–I have a toon all of my own!! It is indeed an honor –wooooooohoooooooooo! I I’m glad I clicked to enlarge so I could see all the buckets of “rain”…haha! I can’t wait to participate in your challenge so I can get a PAMO t-shirt (great photo of you! you certainly do not look 50 at all). Thanks so much for highlighting me in “Pamo’s World”… I LOVE IT!


  14. carrie says:

    Very nice toon Pamo. Nice tribute to our friend. BTW, that s a lot of bike !!!!


  15. PAMO says:

    Sue- Thanks! I love it when someone gets a good laugh.

    Celeste- Yeah! Wish I could have seen your face when you saw it! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing it. The challenge will be fun and stress free! Glad you’re “in”!!!

    Carrie- Thanks so much! I found your wonderful art through Celeste’s blog a long time ago- she really connects people. Lot of bike indeed! Haha!


  16. Christina says:

    Adore the toon and your photo! πŸ˜‰ Yay Pamo! Also love the Harley and the way the back tire looks like a smiley face with the rim for a mouth and buckles for eyes. πŸ™‚


  17. PAMO says:

    Christina- only after you wrote it did I see the smiley face!!! VERY COOL!!! You are an artist through and through.


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