Next time you have an upsurge of negative energy, you’ll know why!

This is one of those cartoons that just came to me in a flash without much preamble and no tweaking required. I had a total blast coloring the final frame. It gave me a strong desire to pull out the acrylic paints, but to do every project that floats through my stream of consciousness would require tapping into a new time-space continuum.

I’ll end this post with a photo of two of my favorite fellows- Jeff and Jumba.

Until next toon!


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I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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12 Responses to NEGATIVE ENERGY

  1. PAMO, I sincerely hope your meditating stops that negative energy ray gun–it’s been tough. This wonderful cartoon made me smile because I have some old toy ray guns in my studido/workshop in lots of colors. I shoot them, watch the sparks, and listen to the whirring sound.

    This is an absolutely fabulous photo of Jeff and Jumba. If you look closely, they seem to have the same smile/smirk (seriously). It looks like Jumba’s mouth is straight, then pulled up at the sides. Now, if he just had a small goatee……. Love this picture.


  2. sue pownall says:

    BRILLIANT! I hope your meditation worked.

    No negative energy here at the moment, but laziness. Do you have a secret key for procrastination???? I have a commission to draw, portrait to start, landscape to finish aaaarrghhh

    Looking forward to seeing the zine.


  3. celine says:

    I love the cartoon! It’s very funny and I really need a space-ship sometimes to suck up my negative energy. I’m very good in bringing myself down and worry about so many things, so bring in on! 😉 And a lovely picture of Jeff and the cat!


  4. LOVE the negative energy RAYGUN.. the Martians revenge for that robot invasion from earth LOL What a beautiful cat and handsome fellow with him too.


  5. Jean Spitzer says:

    Brilliant cartoon. Explains a lot.


  6. Jean Spitzer says:

    Wrote my comment before I read the others. Hmmm, so many people, all saying brilliant. I like it.


  7. Christina says:

    Hilarious and go you and Jeff with the video. Jeff and Jumba look fabulous!


  8. Kara says:

    So that explains it! And here I was blaming it on PMS!

    I sure hope those Martians get that ray gun fixed so we can get back to being our cheerful selves 🙂


  9. linda roth says:

    The toon was great. Isn’t it fantastic when images just fall into your head and spill right onto the paper? Rare and to be celebrated.


  10. Dan Kent says:

    Hahahaha! I wondered why things were so darned positive here lately. Excellent toon – as good as any I have ever seen in my life. I love it! If I am ever asked, I will tell anyone that Pamo’s World is my favorite comic strip (though, amazingly, no one has ever asked).

    And that is one handsome cat! Sorry Jeff. (Just kidding – what’s a guy know.)


  11. Robin says:

    I am a firm believer in creating one’s destiny with a positive outlook (and how negative energy is unhealthy and works against us). Excellent cartoon message!


  12. PAMO says:

    Hallie- Sometimes the negative energy is just pervasive. It helps to know many of us feel it on occasion. Your toy ray guns sound like super fun!
    I especially love the photo of Jeff and Jumba too. Jeff is wonderful with the fur kids!

    Sue- Meditation (or perhaps reflection is the right word) helps on some level.
    I suspect you don’t procrastinate very long. I know you’ll get to all those projects!

    Celine- Thank you! Sounds like you are feeling better- I’m so glad. Nice to hear from you.

    Elaine- Thanks! I had a good laugh too. Haha!

    Jean- I laughed so hard at ‘explains a lot’ Haha! Thank you so much!

    Christina- Thank you! I figured you’d get a kick out of seeing Jumba. Hope JT is doing well.

    Kara- Me too! Cheerful is definitely more fun. 🙂

    Linda- Thank you. I’ve been following along with all your creations even though I don’t always comment. You are incredibly prolific and I’m in awe of all that you accomplish!

    Dan- Well- if anyone does ask what your favorite comic strip is- you’ll be ready! Haha!

    Robin- Thank you for the great comment. Negativity is very destructive. Sometimes the reasons behind it can feel beyond our grasp. But I am a firm believer in positive action… even though it can be difficult at times.
    Love your latest images from your trip to Seatle!


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