If you’ve ever been in a discussion about ‘What is Art?’ you know it’s about as much fun as trying to suppress a sneeze while getting your teeth drilled. For some reason, I keep coming back to this topic in my mind and in my comics and it surfaced again while working on the Art with Humor zine.

Perhaps now after spending way too many hours putting together a five minute video, I’ve sufficiently slayed this particular inner demon. After a moment of worry that my comic video might offend someone, I decided that the four or five of you who actually watch it all the way through will ‘get it’ and hopefully have a good laugh too.

So watch the video, have a laugh and I’ll see you soon!


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I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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14 Responses to WHAT IS ART?

  1. OMG it’s hilarious…and definitely my experience as well…art is something we want to define, but no one can! You did a great job of describing that (and I laughed!) Great job Pamo and Jeff. Next time, please include some of the cuddly animals. I want to see the red cat with lightning bolts “in person”. 🙂


  2. linda roth says:

    You nailed it. Art is like a hamburger; you can have it any way you want. The video is well worth your efforts Pamo. And Jeff is a keeper.


  3. Patricia says:

    What a great job you did! Exactly how I feel when I make the mistake and try to read artists statements in galleries. That “boing” goes off in my head and scrambles everything. Enjoyed this video immensely.


  4. OMG–How hilarious! I had an Epiphany last week too! But my Dr gave me a cream that cleared it right up!

    What I just saw = ART!

    Love you guys!~!!



  5. What a GREAT laugh for an early Monday morning…. thank you Pamo. Jeff is a real trooper… no way my husband would have participated in a creative endeavor like this. I like my burgers with lots of mustard and pickles, he likes his loaded with onions and jalapeños and mayonnaise…. totally different we are LOL


  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this–on my iPad last night and full screen on my desktop this morning.

    I think you’re absolutely right about art being like a hamburger and , just like my art, my taste constantly changes (sometimes I add just mustard, sometimes cheese and relish, sometimes coleslaw, sometimes with gravy and mashed potatoes). You’ve come up with a profound observation here!

    A movie with cartoon and real characters–is there anything you can’t do?


  7. And I love the acronym “screwballs.”


  8. Dan Kent says:

    Tell Jeff .. I understand, boy do I understand just baaarely hangin’ in there..

    Anyway, I love hamburgers so this comes as quite a relief!!

    Love the cold winter sound that accompanied the crazies – no, not the crazies, that’s you – the SCREWBALLS. Great music – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – love your videos!! Wish you could see my ear-to-ear smile.

    Anyway, I’m off to make a hamburger, er, art. Come to think of it, some of the art I’ve made lately looks like ground beef. hmmm.


  9. Gail says:

    I agree with everyone, you nailed it! Plus, I needed to chuckle. Well done you two! Kudos! XOXOX


  10. Christina says:

    Adorable! Love it!


  11. Jean Spitzer says:

    You both are terrific.


  12. PAMO says:

    Celeste- It would be fun to have a video with real cats and cartoon cats! I’ll put it on my create list. Thanks for your comment!

    Linda- Thank you! I agree- Jeff is a keeper. :-))

    Pat- Yes! Do they teach those gallery descriptions in school? Thanks for your comment.

    John- Glad the cream helped. Hahahahahaha!!! Thanks!

    Elaine- Differences are a good thing! Glad you got a laugh too. :-)) Thanks for your comment.

    Hallie- I always love your comments! Thank you. I agree about tastes changing. That’s good to remember.

    Dan- Thank you for the laugh!!! Glad you liked the video. I’ll tell Jeff you can relate. Haha!

    Gail- Thank you! Laughter is nice!!!

    Christina- Thank you!!!

    Jean- As are you! :-))


  13. Robin says:

    Better late than never…
    the sound effects were as artful as the zine design! A Big Mac of a video, and this is a topic we spent many hours discussing when I was in graduate school. I would have quoted and footnoted your video if this was then and my thesis paper wasn’t written yet.


  14. PAMO says:

    Hi Robin! You aren’t late at all. I really appreciate your comment- thank you for watching.
    It’s great to know that many artist’s have experienced a similar conflict. That really helps.
    I look forward to hearing more about your latest demo and your latest show. I so enjoy following your work!


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