HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that’s art with humor, don’t ya think?

This is one of the my cartoons from my upcoming Art with Humor zine, the one in the ‘Ether of Not Done’. Bet you didn’t know such a place existed. It’s full of stuff. I’ve heard that professional organizers have been banned from that space – they stir up too much dust.

Sometimes when I’m thinking about other professions I would be suited for, the role of ‘Professional Organizer’ comes to mind. I would be driven by my inner desire to put everything in it’s place and eventually go completely insane.

One of the things on my current to do list is organizing my computer passwords. I’m one of those people who makes up a complicated 15 character password for every site that requires a log in. I write them down on index cards and file them on top of my desk. I can’t access anything without consulting the cards. I can’t figure out what I’ve written down or to which site it belongs, so I reset my password. Then I create another 15 character password and write it down on another index card and so on and so on. I can’t lie – it’s a big problem in my life.

Another issue for me is organizing my ‘Inner Idea Machine’. It sits right next to the ‘Ether of Not Done’ which of course makes it much easier to shuttle stuff back and forth.

John McElveen of Full-On Forward recently posted a picture of himself wearing a Pamo Art t-shirt. You can see it in his post HERE. That picture made me think about doing a Pamo Art t-shirt sighting series. Hahahahahahahaha! Brilliant right? Yeah, I thought so too. But I do have some passwords to organize so it may be awhile. Did you hear the bell ring? That means another project just hit the ‘Ether of Not Done’. See how that works?!

Damn- I would make a great Professional Organizer!!! I gotta go tell Jeff. He’ll be so thrilled.

Until next toon!


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I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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11 Responses to ETHER OF NOT DONE

  1. Hi PAMO!

    You remind me of one of my personal favorite mottoes: I can organize everybody but myself; or I’m differentially organized. I only organize other people šŸ™‚ … and sometimes things I want to.

    Passwords, the bane of our existence. Funny cartoon, I do like your sophisticated sense of humor!


  2. Hw(hallie)farber says:

    I came by to comment on your previous post–if I’m ever on the red carpet I l’d want you and Jeff to “style” me.

    I like this cartoon and the new couple. I think I’m a charter member of the E.N.D. Club. Once in, it’s hard to leave.


  3. Pamo, your friend looks great in the PAMO shirt–! The cartoon is funny–I laffed. I do need an organizer…a manager…and a housekeeper. I’d hire you for all that but it would seriously cut into your password career not to mention your cartooning. šŸ™‚


  4. uh…did my comment come through? hope yes!


  5. Sue Pownall says:


    I have drawings drifting around in that ether… need to apply the 10 minute rule to get them out and finished šŸ˜›


  6. celine says:

    Can I hire you to be my super professional organisor??? ;-))) I like your cartoon, the art-world needs more humor!


  7. One question… what is an Ether? I know I should google it and find out myself.
    Passwords… I bought a little red book at Barns and Snowball to hold all my passwords… it is helping… IF I can find the entry in the book LOL
    John looks mighty dapper in his Pamo shirt…


  8. Robin says:

    I love the idea of a Pamo t-shirt sighting series! And isn’t organization required in the maintenance of any blog or website? Love the colors in your toon, and the way each frame gets closer and closer. Thanks for starting my day with another smile.


  9. Jane A says:

    Pamo, that cartoon is WONDERFUL – laugh out loud fabulous. Really glad we got to see it and it snuck through that there ether ….


  10. PAMO says:

    Peggy- What a great comment! I especially like ‘differently organized’. My favorite form of organizing is stuffing things into drawers- it’s highly effective. Haha!

    Hallie- You got that right! It is hard to leave the club once in. Might as well pull up a chair and enjoy the company.

    Sue- Thanks! I like your 10 minute rule- it really made me think.

    Celine- Of course I’ll take the job! But- I think you are supremely organized already. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

    Elaine- Ether is like the heavens- a vast and mysterious place. I really like your little red book thing…. I think I’ll borrow your idea! John does look dapper. I forgot to mention what a great guy he is but I guess it’s fairly obvious. Thanks Elaine for your wonderful comment!

    Robin- Thank YOU! Jeff and I are going to start the series soon for Pamo Art and Biker Rags. Amazing how one person posting their photo inspires a series of ideas. And you are absolutely right that a blog or website does require organization. Glad you like the toon!

    Jane- Yay! You made my day! Your comment made me laugh out loud.


  11. Dan Kent says:

    I have been floating around in that ether, generally with my feet waiving at an awkward angle above my head, for more than two decades. It’s pleasant here. Just so you know, we have yet to wear the PAMO t-shirts because I have been wanting to pose in them with my son at my side before we break them in, but I have been particularly ugly of late and my autistic son has been just a tad unruly. But this has been in my plans for some is actually in the ether. I hope to do it soon, because I always want to wear the shirt!! Also in the ether has been the plan to correct my major fo pa (that’s how we spell it here in the South), of not linking to your site the last time I referenced it, and not having your new site referenced at my blog. Ether.

    As for your cartoon – fwa ha ha ha ha! Great cartoon and – gulp – different characters!!! Wonderful! You will always be my favorite cartoonist. I sure hope you have seen Midnight in Paris. The guy reminds me of the stuck up character in that movie. If you’ve seen it (or when you do), you will know who I mean. It is a great movie – it is funny, has time travel (always a plus) and is visually stimulating. Actually it is sublime in its raw sophistication. Really.


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