Oh my! As I came to post, I see I missed the entire month of March. I’m blaming everything on the extra long winter. Extra five pounds- long winter. Extra thick dust in the house- long winter. Extra stacks of files needing a home- long winter. Now that spring is here, guess it’s time to get in shape, clean the house, file the files and post some comics!

During the month of March, I kept a comic journal. To make up for my absence, I’m gonna throw the entire journal out in one post. So kick back, grab a cookie (or in my case, a rice cake) and get ready to laugh out loud (or at least grin on occasion). While you’re reading, I’m going do a little dusting….



Daily 7

Did you finish? Hope that made up for no comics in March! Just a couple of more things to catch you up on Pamo’s World before I conclude this post:

In January, I finished up my 2013 Sketchbook Project. I went 100% digital and learned way more than I thought I would. If you have a few minutes, you can see it HERE.

My first zine, ‘Pamo Makes A Zine’ is in the Ukraine going to a Zine Show HERE. If you’ve never seen my first zine, I posted it in it’s entirety HERE.

Happy spring! And stay tooned!!!


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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  1. Jane A says:

    Woo hoo Pamo’s back. And with a TON of fabulous cartoons. These are brilliant – very funny, very well drawn, and a joy to read. Thanks for posting all of them! Great that the Zine is on an international tour. And look forward to more Art with Humor developments.


  2. celine says:

    Hi Pamo! Long time no see! And yes: that’s a lot to read but as always I’m happy to read another comic from you! Ans now I’m going to see the other links and sites you put in your mail;-) hope you’re doing fine!


  3. linda roth says:

    March doesn’t look like it was a time off. It does look like a month where in spite of being up to your neck in your ‘Zine, you still managed to draw quite a few comics in your spare time–is there such a thing? Great seeing you. Great news from the UK. Congratulations.


  4. I missed you in March… but it’s good to see you were busy… your kitty cat gives you NO RESPECT… what is it with cats?


  5. Pam–I love the lines; some of my best drawings are on lined notebook paper–there is a freedom that comes with using it. I notice that you are now a book critic–too clever is not good. I also like tidy endings although they don’t have to be happy.

    Your digital sketchbook KNOCKED my socks off! One of the most original things I’ve seen. Have some natural peanut butter on that rice cake and celebrate all you’ve accomplished.


  6. Clipped Wings says:

    Love your funny collection of comics, and I did laugh all the way through them. You pulled off your sketchbook project nicely. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. I have photoshop, so will be learning layering also.


  7. PAMO says:

    Jane- Thank you! Woo Hoo indeed! I’ve been enjoying your portraits as well. I truly admire your drawing dedication. Thanks again for stopping by.

    Celine- So nice to hear from you! I’ve been well, but not on the internet as much. So I visit my favorite blogs (like yours!) and move on. Then I get words here and remember it’s nice to hear from friends. Thank you!!! I hope you are well too.

    Linda- Thank you so much for your kind words. I was on your blog recently, typed out a comment, then all hell broke loose here at home. (Dogs barking, horns blaring, etc.) Nothing important but a total distraction. Anyway, my point is, I’ve been enjoying your posts and completely admire how EVERYTHING you touch is artistic. You can’t not be an artist! Amazing!

    Elaine- You’re right- those cats have no respect! Hahahaha! Thanks Elaine- I always appreciate your words.

    Hallie- I guess it doesn’t have to be a “happy” ending to be a great book. One of the best books I’ve read recently is ‘The Shipping News’ by Annie Proulx. It was a modern day story told in literary tones. I absolutely loved it! (It had a happy ending.)
    I got the idea for using lined paper by reading Lincoln Pierce’s “Nate” comics. You’re right- it gives freedom!
    Thank you for your words about my digital sketchbook. They mean a lot to me.
    I’m celebrating! 🙂

    Yvonne- Great to hear from you! Yours is another blog I’ve been ghost reading- but I’ll have to leave my mark next time. You’ll love layers! For some reason, I resisted using them for a long time. Guess it was just the learning curve. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Mari says:

    Yeah Pamo is back and what a perfect day for it, its so grey and rainy out and your comic started it all on the bright side : ) I had a fresh cup of tea (not a cookie, also trying to clean up things around here, ugh)… And I sat down to have a great morning read, followed by a great laugh and of course tea all over my laptop… But its still working!! Really great seeing you back and in full swing of cartooning and being super Pamo : )

    Happy Spring!!! and happy cleaning


  9. PAMO says:

    Mari- Thank you so much! I see on your blog that dust bunnies are out and about as well. 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words and Happy Spring to you too!


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