About a month ago I was flipping around the channels and landed on the Hallmark Movie Channel. During the afternoon, that channel reruns the dramatic TV series ‘The Good Wife’.

I am hopelessly out of date about all the series that run. I don’t know about you youngsters out there, but I can’t keep up with all the media.

Anyhoo, when I discovered the reruns of ‘The Good Wife’ I decided to tune in for a few episodes. On the whole, I liked the strong female presence and I became enamored with Kalinda, the kick ass investigator.

Having read many thrillers, the archetype that is Kalinda is very familiar to me. Stoic, smart and strong- this character can hold her own. She doesn’t let much penetrate her defenses. Kalinda embodies the character type I suppose I wish I were.

I guess you’ve already figured out though, I don’t even come close to the kick ass investigator type. I am a tough motorcycle rider though!

That's me riding the Dragon in Tennessee, June 2014.

That’s me riding the Dragon in Tennessee, June 2014.

I’ve since stopped watching ‘The Good Wife’. I liked the show, but I just don’t want to invest the emotional energy. I’ve got a webcomic to draw and motorcycles to ride.

Until next toon,


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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26 Responses to THE GOOD WIFE

  1. Libby Fife says:

    There are many versions of “kick-ass”, my motorcycle riding friend!

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  2. totsymae1011 says:

    Plus, creating the comic is way more important. Too cute how you’ve incorporated your husband into your comics. Seems like he’s shaking his head a lot with loving adoration…I never saw The Good Wife. Never even heard of it ’til now.

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  3. Your cartoon Kalinda outfit is awesome, but your real Pam motorcycle-self is way more badass! I haven’t seen The Good Wife. Mo and I don’t have a TV, we just watch stuff on the iPad. We finished season 2 of OITNB last night, which was not nearly as good as the first season. Maybe we’ll check out this good wife show:)

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    • Pam Huggins says:

      Jeff and I are TV people. We have them going for background noise. Jeff watches the weather.
      You might like The Good Wife… but I suspect it wouldn’t hold your interest. Too lawyer-y. 🙂
      Thanks Karen!


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    I love The Good Wife. It’s one of my favorite shows. The writing is fantastic and the cast terrific. And I agree–Kalinda is one tough cookie!

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    • Pam Huggins says:

      I think what I like about it most is the full arc in each episode. The storyline continues, yet, the particulars in each episode are wrapped up. I agree- great writing!
      Thanks Carrie.


  5. Joan Tatley says:

    Very impressive photo! Looks like you can kick any ass.

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  6. Tony Single says:

    Badass motorcycle chick! Yup, I think you’re way cooler than Kalinda any day. Keep those webcomics coming! They kick ass too! (Or as we like to say down under: “arse”.)

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    • Pam Huggins says:

      Arse is far better, I think! Everyday, Tony, my respect for your two years of Crumble Cult widens. That’s a ton of impressive work you have posted there. A TON!!!
      Thanks for your support. It helps!

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  7. janbintn says:

    We are all Kickass, when you get right down to the nitty-gritty! Still wanna go to lunch with you!

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  8. Gina says:

    Love the picture on the Dragon’s Tail! Yeah. That’s my sis, and she is a strong, kick ass lady.

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  9. captelaine says:

    I’m with the cats who’s Kalinda… don’t watch much TV either, it is on all the time, but I’m rarely paying any attention to it. Now the tail of the dragon… THAT I’ve heard of, headed to the mountains next month to give it a try… that is one COOL photo of you on your bike how’d you take that one?

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    • Pam Huggins says:

      Elaine- You’ll love that area! We’ve posted a few rides from around there on Biker Rags blog.
      When you travel the Dragon, several photographers are set up taking photos. After your day on the Dragon, check out and…. you’ll find photos there you can purchase. It’s an entire cottage industry these photographers have made out of tourists traveling by.
      TV is on here all the time too. I kind of tune it out. But sometimes I get very involved. Depends. 🙂


  10. Daniel Nest says:

    If I ever need protection of a badass biker gang, how do I contact you?! Nothing major, I’d just need you rough up a few people who have crossed me. My high school teacher. My boss. Random person on the train this morning who didn’t return my smile. My precious smile. He’ll pay. He’ll PAY! THEY WILL ALL PAY!

    Oh yeah, that reminds me, I need you to beat up my former shrink as well. “You need to control your anger, Daniel. You can’t just attack people for no reason, Daniel. Please, stop hitting me over the head with this book, Daniel!” I hate that guy so much!!!

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