What in the heck is a Journal Comic Extravaganza you ask? Well then, let me tell you.

Basically, journal comics capture a moment in time in the life of Jeff and Pamo. The above conversation really did happen, sans cat.

The extravaganza part refers to August being a mix of new and old journal comics from the ever growing Pamo’s World collection! Did I just make your week or what?!

Yes, this is a cleverly disguised way to catch my breath and refuel. But don’t worry, I’m positive you will enjoy the ride.


Until next toon,


About Pam Huggins

I love to hang out with my family, ride motorcycles, and draw comics.
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  1. Libby Fife says:

    Pamo looks a little crazed! Looking forward to August with Pamo and crew-old or new:)

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  2. Linda roth says:

    Yours is the most entertaining format for journaling I’ve ever seen. I applaud your innovation. Extravaganza, you bet. No ho-hum here. You are a writer and an artist. Keep it together. You’ve got something special going on–with Jeff too. :-))

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  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    You did indeed make my week. Your cat, too. 🙂

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  4. captelaine says:

    Refueling is good…get some corn-free gas LOL looking forward to August in Pamo’s world

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  5. Tony Single says:

    AW YEAH! I’m seriously PUMPED!

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  6. I’m glad I have a bank of older cartoons and of unused ones when I need to catch my breath and work on new ideas to keep the blog going. See some of mine dated 1985.

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  7. markrenney2 says:

    I do not believe Pamo will ever run out of steam. Jeff will wear out first…great strip Pam, regards Mark.

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  8. chrisrenney says:

    Mark stole my line! This is rib-ticklingly funny – Pamo has more gas than Putin!

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  9. tame4455 says:

    A Journal Comic Extravaganza sounds like it might do Pamo a lot of good. Maybe a little less caffeine as well.

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  10. haha I’ll have what Pamo’s on!

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  11. totsymae1011 says:

    Yeah, you’re cheating us by throwing in older stuff. I can let you slide since I need to get off my tush and continue my own series. I promise. But we’ll let you recharge and whatnot. Don’t want you running outta gas and getting stranded.

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    • Pam Huggins says:

      Totsy- Yes- the getting stranded part ain’t fun at all.
      As far as your series…. life has a way of interfering with our best intentions. You’ll get to it when you’re ready. So- NO brow beating! I’m firm on that! If you ever need a bit of slack- just let me know. I’ve got plenty to go around.
      Thanks friend! I do appreciate your support.


  12. Gail says:

    Let the Extravaganza Begin!!

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  13. Binky says:

    To the moon, Pamo!
    That’s my saying. Without the Pamo part.

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  14. danscanvas says:

    Craaazzzy Pamooooo!!! Off with speed to another adventure, I’ll bet! Doesn’t seem like a rest to me.. Oh yes, it’s Pam that’s resting, not Pamo. So confusing.

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  15. Tony McGurk says:

    So did Pamo run outta fuel??? I have a bunch of older stuff which ain’t that old but when I draw something newer I get all crazy about getting that posted before the older ones. I should sort them all in chronological order & just post them that way

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